Do you recognize this scenario?  You get inspired to make a big change and go full blast into a healthy eating and new exercise plan.  You do great for the first couple weeks or month and then you hit a wall.  It all gets too overwhelming, other things take over and then it just feels like too much work, so you give up altogether.

If you’ve ever done this before (and I’m pretty sure you have), then this blog is for you!

Here’s the thing:

It’s much better to take small, manageable, consistent steps than it is to take a huge step and then not take another one for a week or 2 or 3 or 4…

At first it can seem way more exciting to make a big change than small changes that don’t really feel or look like much.

But big changes all at once equal burnout- physically, mentally and emotionally.

The trick is to start small so that the new habit feels like no big deal; it’s just a slight adjustment to what you’re currently doing.

This is how I have you start off your journey in Transform Your Body in 30 Days.  And it works like magic.

With each small step you take, you’re giving yourself small wins.  Then what happens?  You feel good about yourself.  And then you want to do it again.

Your physical body doesn’t get overwhelmed because you’re easing it into your new way of eating and a gradual increase in exercise. 

And your mind can handle it because it’s not having to process a ton of new data all at once.

Your new schedule starts to feel totally natural because you barely notice the 10 minutes of exercise each day that you slipped in, or the 10 minutes chopping up veggies so that you have an easy go-to snack for the rest of the week.

Because of all these small wins day after day, your confidence starts to soar and then you say, “YES, I’m ready to do more!

By this stage, it’s so easy to increase your daily exercise time or spend more time doing food prep, because these things have already become a new habit.  And they feel good.

Here’s some examples to get you started:

~Begin taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work.

~Choose a parking spot farther away from the grocery store to get some extra steps in.

~Get up 10 minutes earlier each day to go for a quick walk around the block.

~Start each morning with 10 push ups.

~Do a few jumping jacks during commercial breaks on your TV show.

~Spend 10 minutes each night preparing a simple salad to take to work with you the next day.

~Switch out your morning Starbucks pastry for a cup of oatmeal a few mornings each week.

~Start getting your burgers and sandwiches lettuce-wrapped instead of on a bun.

~Choose one meal each day to eat a little less than you usually do, and chew a bit slower.

These things are so easy and manageable to do.  Just imagine if you did them every day what a BIG change they’d make over time!

Action Step:

~Choose one small food habit to change this week and one small way to get in more exercise each day.  Start doing them today and let me know what they are in the comments below.

If you enjoyed this blog, check out my eBook Transform Your Body in 30 Days.  This easy-to-follow guide will help you lay the foundation for long-term success with your fitness and health goals.

Here’s to your health and fitness success.


Alethea is a Life Coach, Health Coach and Fitness Trainer.  Learn more about her here.

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