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Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

We all know that an active lifestyle is part of taking care of ourselves and leading a happy and healthy life, but sometimes it can be hard to pull off.

If you’re needing that extra level of accountability, I offer 1:1 and small-group fitness training, either in-person or remotely.

We can talk about your individual fitness needs, and I will custom-tailor a program specific to you.

For some clients, I also design comprehensive workouts you can do in your own time, either at the gym or at home.

For more information on fitness training, please contact or click here to send me a message via my contact form.


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“The constant yo-yo back and forth, making progress and then losing it was very frustrating.  Working with Alethea really changed a lot of that. Knowing I had a coaching session with her coming up created an accountability container that helped me get past that initial slump and urge to stop.  I now feel stronger, more in control and on track with my fitness and health goals.”

~Jonny R., Professional Life & Business Coach

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“With Alethea's help, I have completely transformed my relationship to physical well-being in just three months.  I've lost weight, gained significant strength, am sleeping better, eating cleaner and I actually look forward to meal planning and exercise (both of which were things I dreaded in the past).  I've created a consistent, sustainable routine and what's more is that I now trust myself to stick to it.

~Karen O., Professional Coach

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"I worked with Alethea for 3 months and was able to release 16 pounds.  What helped me was her custom-tailored nutrition guidance, excellent exercise routines that gave me strength-training at three levels, and cardio on the elliptical machine.  Her instructions were clear and informative.  Most of all I cherished her positive, uplifting, encouraging attitude.  Her support was essential. I am grateful and I looked forward to my weekly coaching sessions.  I encourage anyone wanting support to live a healthier, more fit life to work with Alethea."

~Olga A., Personal Assistant

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“I can’t believe what a difference lifting weights has made to my body.  The workouts Alethea designs are fun.  I always thought those type of workouts were just for guys and that I would get bulky, but I’ve actually got tighter and more toned everywhere.  What’s more I’m eating healthier now and not afraid to have pizza and ice cream every now and then because I feel more balanced and I have better thoughts about myself.  I’m grateful I found Alethea!”

~Maya T., Actress

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In which neighborhoods do you offer in-person fitness training?

I serve clients in Thousand Oaks, CA and the surrounding areas.  In terms of specific location, I currently train clients in outdoor settings, or at their homes depending on location.

What type of workouts or exercise do you do with clients?

Strength-training is almost always an integral part of our workouts, but we will also do various types of cardio, including hikes or walking, and flexibility training ie. yoga or stretches.  The workouts are very much custom-tailored to your needs and preference.

What types of packages do you offer?

I offer sets of 10 or 20 sessions.  I also offer single sessions.


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