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Hi, I’m Alethea.  I believe we cross paths with people at the right times in our lives, just when we need that extra boost to get us from our current level of existence to a future we’ve been dreaming of, and yet feels just outside of our grasp.

I am truly committed to helping you be the very best version of yourself.

Do you sense a potential in you that is still untapped?

Are you a believer that you have what it takes to reinvent yourself?

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Are you willing to be challenged to see things from a different perspective and break free from the status quo?

You may not quite yet see the way forward, but that’s what I’m here for.

We work together to identify the barriers holding you back from fully stepping forward into a life of joy and freedom.

It’s an inside job as much as it’s also necessary to take the outer steps.

Together we craft a plan for moving you outside your comfort zone and into the unknown.  This is where your freedom lies.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

~Abraham Lincoln

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How do you know if coaching is right for you?

Great question!  The best way is for us to have a deep and meaningful conversation about where you’re at in life and what your heartfelt dreams and goals are moving forward.

We may find that you are complete and have what you need after just one conversation, or we may decide to take it further and discuss what working together could potentially look like.  Either way, it could just be the very best conversation you ever have.

This initial complimentary conversation is my gift to you.  I have limited spots each month for these conversations, so if you’d like to know more, contact me here.


"Alethea is an excellent life coach. One thing I can say regarding my experiences in Alethea’s life coaching sessions for at least several years now, is that not once have I ever felt like it was a waste of time. After decades of far too much “huff and puff” from self-proclaimed “experts”, I know that I can be pretty cynical when it comes to people who claim to possess the goods and qualifications to help others in their life directions.  It has become very hard for me to tell what - or who - is actually real these days. What I have learned over several years thus far is that Alethea actually walks her talk. She has both her own life experience, as well as her personal study in the area of life coaching, to draw from.

Before I had my first official session with Alethea, I got the sense that she had her own personal experience of knowing life, as well as how emotional well-being affects each individual’s unique compass of life. To me, she has paid attention and learned. Alethea is brilliant at giving proper attention to each session. She is focused, and she has always helped me to stay focused in our sessions and to not run away from certain things I might need to really look at and address.  I have left each of our sessions encouraged to also improve my physical health as well as to better navigate within my personal and career-related situations and relationships with others. For these reasons, I have begun also directing other people I know towards considering Alethea and Radiant Life as a wonderful option for life coaching."

~Forrest Robinson, Musician

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"Working with Alethea has been the best decision I have made for my health and wellness. With her expertise I have lost weight, gained muscle, developed healthy habits around nutrition and exercise. Most importantly, though, with Alethea's help I have come to find a deep holistic strength and health within myself that has helped changed my mindset from one of constant defeat to continual growth. Alethea works with the whole person, not just food or exercise, so you know working with her will help you live your best life. I'm the healthiest, happiest, most wholesome self I have ever been thanks to Alethea's help."

~Chris Vander Meulen


"Just want to thank you so much, Alethea, for your coaching and guidance in the seasons of life we’ve ventured through.  As a result, my life is more prosperous and I am glad that I invested in myself and your services.  Your coaching, knowledge and care brought a spirit and energy that has created many positive blessings in my life.  This in turn has impacted countless others through spreading hope, peace and strength with my non-profit organization, Torn Pages.  I am excited about life’s Fourth Quarter!  Thank you."

~Jay Gardner, Founder of Torn Pages


"I worked with Alethea for 3 months and was able to release 16 pounds.  What helped me was her custom-tailored nutrition guidance, excellent exercise routines that gave me strength-training at three levels, and cardio on the elliptical machine.  Her instructions were clear and informative.  Most of all I cherished her positive, uplifting, encouraging attitude.  Her support was essential. I am grateful and I looked forward to my weekly coaching sessions.  I encourage anyone wanting support to live a healthier, more fit life to work with Alethea."

~Olga A., Personal Assistant

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